Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Another sketch dump

It's been too long— almost two weeks! Here are some of the better recent sketches:


More concepts for my vaporware graphic novel when I was at Coffee N Cream in Allen, TX. The girl on the left is the main protagonist; she is roughly 16 years old and (at the risk of giving too much away or making it sound a little cheesy) is being trained as an assassin by a small group of rebel freedom fighters. This costume needs a little lot more work, though I liked the vest I sketched a while back so I went with it. But her look overall is probably the closest I've gotten yet to where I want to go. The story is set on another world, with two very different cultures, so I have a LONG way to go.


I like the woman on the left— one of the few times I've pictured something in my head and it turned out almost exactly the same way on paper ;) Ignore the little girl, I can't draw children to save my life. Check out the mullet on the guy in the middle, some sort of artsy nerd guy. He was with the 40-ish guy on the right— it must take literally decades of practice to slouch as much as he was, my sketch doesn't even do it justice.


More sketches, some from real people, some made up. The shirt on the girl on the left sort of confused me; it was longer in real life and I drew it (somewhat) properly, but then I made her hips too low below the hem of the shirt, so her torso is too long. Oh well. I covered it in a bunch of shading and tone to hide it.

Both the previous two were done also at Coffee N Cream, but this time at their downtown McKinney branch. They call the Allen one their "flagship" store but I like the one in McKinney better, it's a little more quaint and quirky. Here are a couple photos:

Coffee N Cream (exterior), McKinney, TX

Coffee N Cream, McKinney, TX

And one last one from Lucas' sketch group at CiCi's last Wednesday:


Playing around with some shapes and design in tiny thumbnails. I like the tall round guy in the middle with the ranger hat, kinda reminds me of Bill Plympton for some reason.

As usual, I need to push myself and do more finished pieces instead of these rough sketches. I got a bunch of new watercolors, maybe I'll get off my duff and do some paintings. I've been amazed recently at the watercolors of Keiko Tanabe, check it out!

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