Monday, June 8, 2009

JP's Drawing "Club"

Went to Panera Bread (Eldorado @ 75) today from 12 noon until about 2:30-ish and sketched. I'm committing to myself to do this weekly, so even if I keep being lazy or hesitant to draw, I MUST drag myself out then to do it. Panera worked ok today, though I think I may wait around until closer to 1 P.M. to avoid the lunch rush. Actually I'll probably head to the Cafe Brazil next door next Monday, I love bottomless cups of coffee. Figuratively, not literally.

Would love to have some company too when I draw so if that time's not good for you drop me a line and we can get together sometime. I'll probably keep doing the Monday 1 to 3-4-ish thing since it works well for me, but I don't draw enough, so more is good!


Playing around with some character ideas for a graphic novel idea I've had kicking around for years. Decades, really, I was thinking about it in high school. And how much have I done on it in all that time? This page...seriously. Anyway, since I have nothing else inspiring me at the moment, I'm going to actually put my nose to the grindstone and get it done. Obviously from the drawings I have forgotten nearly everything I ever knew about anatomy.


Some stuff I was warming up with. I was trying to get something Michel Gagne-esque. I failed epicly. Is epicly a word? Well, this certainly is failing epicly.

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Steve said...

these are really fun Jeremy...dig that cool shading on the ones up top =]